Ramblings: Saying Good-Bye to the 2010s, Guentzel Down, The Höglander, & The Sens’ Future (Jan. 1)

Cam Robinson




It always seems so strange. Another year in the books and a few weeks (months) of saying and writing the previous date. That’s only amplified by the end of a decade where so much has occurred. And we’ve seen a great deal happen in the NHL over the course of the 2010s.


We’ve said good-bye to one of the greatest tarps of all-time with the demise of the Atlanta Thrashers. We’ve said hello to one of the greatest talents of all-time in Connor McDavid. Jaromir Jagr played until his 88th* birthday and now sits second all-time with 1921 career points. Alex Ovechkin has continued his torrid scoring pace and is knocking on the top-10 for all-time goals. 99’s 894 is in his sights.


Just five teams have walked away immortal at the conclusion of the season but you know 26 (and soon to be 27) others are coming with all they’ve got to get their mitts on the Cup. 


I hope the decade has been happy and healthy for you all. Be safe out there and be kind to each other. 



We’ll begin with some seriously shitty news. Jake Guentzel has undergone shoulder surgery and is out for the next 4-6 months. Aka, his season is all but kaputz. The 25-year-old was doing what he does – making and finishing plays. After popping 40 goals a season ago, Guentzel was on pace to match that mark and push for 90-points. He's been the 12th most productive forward this calendar year.


Its a damn shame.


With Jake-n-Bake on the shelf, the Penguins are completely gutted on the wing. Now, I haven’t forgotten that Bryan Rust is miraculously playing at a 105-point pace. And he now becomes the top winger option on a team with a red-hot Evgeni Malkin and a soon-to-be returning Sidney Crosby. But he loses his most common winger-mate and his metrics have long been due for serious regression. Forgive me if Rust’s early-season magic doesn’t keep me warm at night as an owner of both Sid a