Top 10 Fantasy Hockey Players of the Decade




In putting together this series of Top 10 lists to close off the decade of the 2010s (beginning January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2019), I asked the gang to go ahead and choose their preferred list. We’d go first come, first served style and I would take whatever is leftover. I told them I wouldn’t interfere, other than one rule – whoever had the Top 10 Fantasy Hockey Players of the Decade, Alex Ovechkin had to be first. Just one rule, because it’s pretty unanimous when asking fantasy owners for their opinions. Ovechkin has been a healthy, consistent player with high upside, elite shot and goal totals, impressive Hits and at times PIM as well. He’s also a a left winger which at times has been the toughest position to fill on fantasy rosters. And in fact, for two years he was given RW eligibility in a lot of leagues as he was often tried on the other wing early in the decade.


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As an aside, I actually did interfere one time. Rick Roos had Kris Letang and Shea Weber second and third on his Top Defensemen list, followed by Brent Burns and Dustin Byfuglien. But this was due to a misunderstanding in that he had only been including their data from when they were actual defensemen. Since it was a fantasy hockey list, they were actually ‘D’ eligible in all formats even when they were spending time at forward. Which, of course, not only increased their overall totals as defenseman from a fantasy standpoint, but in fact significantly increased their value due to the dual eligibility.

As I dove into the decade-long analysis, the Ovechkin win turned out to not be as clear-cut as you would think. Especially when you look at it from a keeper league and points-only standpoint. Cliffy already did the Top 10 Multi-Cat players of the Decade. When I looked at the Top 50 players that I projected in my Fantasy Guide from 2010 through 2019, and I assigned one point for 50th, 50 points for first, and then tallied the players, I got the following totals: