Top 200 Cap League Skaters – January 2020

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Here are the top 200 skaters to own in your salary cap league – January version. There has been some definite movement in the rankings, and we have a new number two. Cale Makar is jumping quickly upwards while the young defencemen continue to dominate the value ladder.


This is the last update before the trade deadline, and continues with the dominant value for the current season. The next rankings will be close to the end of the season (March 25), and will have a value set much more focused on the 2020-2021 season. In the meantime, I have a lot of updates to make, and around the deadline I will hopefully have a contract prediction set out as well.


Standard pre-rankings note:

This isn't meant to be a be-all and end-all rating system for you to use without thinking and just trade your players for anyone above them on the list that you can find, but used with some foresight for managing salaries, I'm hoping that the list can help you mine value in trades, and at the draft table. The assumed league setup is for points-only leagues, with a salary allotment of approximately $73 million per team (10% of the NHL's $81.5 million being allocated for goalies), for 12 forwards and six defencemen per roster, amongst a range from eight to 14 teams (completely covered by the top 200 list). Cap hit is used for the player cost, so if your league uses salary or AAV, please account for that, as it can greatly change the impact of rookies. The rankings are set up so as to provide the most value in the current season, while providing some value in future years, based on modeling for predicted salary increases and production growth.

For those of you with variations from this setup, whether in terms of number of teams, salary space, roster positions, or scoring categories, you can make your own personal tweaks to move players up or down as necessary. This list is made to be a baseline guide for player evaluation, and to promote discussion and understanding of how to optimize rosters in a cap league setting.


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