Eastern Edge: Analyzing head-to-head playoff goaltending schedules

Brennan Des


In this week's Eastern Edge, we'll take a look at which Eastern Conference goalies to target during the fantasy hockey playoffs, based on the offensive strength of their remaining opponents. To determine 'offensive strength', I ranked each team based on their goals scored per game and assigned a score based on that ranking. For example, the Tampa Bay Lightning lead the league with an average of 3.53 goals per game, so they were assigned the highest score of 31. In contrast, the Detroit Red Wings have the league's worst offense, averaging 2.00 goals a game, so they were assigned the lowest score of one. Table 1 displays those rankings and scores.


Table 1: Ranking each team's offense based on goals for per game. Scores are assigned based on quality of offense.


Next, I did a weekly breakdown of each team's schedule during March – the month of fantasy hockey playoffs. I displayed the opponents for each team based on the scores we established in Table 1. For example, Toronto faces San Jose, Los Angeles and Anaheim during Week One, so you'll see a 4, 2 and 3 beside Toronto. If you look back at table one, you'll see that San Jose has a score of 4 (league's fourth-worst offense), LA has a score of 2 and Anaheim has a score of 3.


I created an average to express the quality of opposing offenses (Opp. Score) that each team is scheduled to pla