Frozen Tools Forensics: Comparing deadline acquisitions

Chris Kane


The trade deadline is often the fastest way to change a player's ownership percentage in fantasy. We see a news story flashing some hype, and get excited about the prospect of that player's new deployment situation. Sometimes the change is worth it, sometimes not. This week we are going to use a handy Dobber tool to take a look at a few of the players who moved around at the deadline and see what has changed.

First up, let's examine the tool. On a player's profile page there is a tab for Player Calculator. This tool allows you to select a beginning date and an end date and returns a great series of data to show what that player has been doing over that time period. We can also use that tool to do a pre and post examination. We start with what a player has been doing since the trade deadline and compare that to what they were doing prior. For our first example let's take a look at Jason Zucker.


Jason Zucker:

Zucker was traded from Minnesota to Pittsburg on Monday, February 10th. If we enter the 11th into the calculator we get a return that shows all of his recent stats, as well as his line combinations.



A couple of things stand out here. Zucker is scoring at almost a point per game since the trade, shooting almost three times per game, spending almost all of his time with Sidney Crosby at even strength, and his IPP is at 100 percent.

To make our comparison we can pull the top stat line from this report and run a second report for the 11 games (about a month) prior to the trade from Minnesota.