Dobber Ramblings: NHL season suspended; IIHF announcement; primary points – March 13

Michael Clifford


The NHL started the day by cancelled all morning skates, given the COVID-19 pandemic that has spread globally, and the NBA's suspension of its season on Wednesday night. The writing was on the wall: college games are being cancelled, NBA games suspended, mass gathering outlawed, people getting sick seemingly in real time on television, and so on.

It came to pass as the league has decided to suspend the season.

I don't like to write about non-hockey things here, and I don't think I have in my five years here, but this is a very serious situation. No excuses of ‘it’s just the flu’ or ‘I won’t be hurt from it’. Everyone needs to be very vigilant about their behaviour for the next several weeks, if only for people other than themselves.

For more information from people much better qualified to speak on this topic, please read this.

Might I suggest picking up that instrument you meant to master, the programming languages you wanted learn, or reading those books you always meant to read?


The International Ice Hockey Federation has announced there is no change to their plans for the 2020 Men's World Championships as of right now. The end of that sentence is the key here, because the event isn't for another six weeks. If the situation does not improve in three or four weeks, I imagine we see a different kind of announcement. But again, we'll cross that bridge when we get to late April. Let's just worry about March for now.


For those running fantasy leagues, I'm not sure what the proper way is to go about this. Here are my recommendations in case you're feeling stuck.

I also want to mention that for the foreseeable future, it’ll be somewhat business as usual here at Dobber Hockey. Obviously, we won’t have games to report on, injuries to note, or anything else that would occur in the normal run of the league. We also will be without certain weekly columns like ‘Looking Ahead’