Top 10 Most Disappointing Players of 2019-20

Tom Collins


Has there ever been a season where there have been so many disappointments?

It is quite possible that you could have drafted a list of superstars and all-stars last fall, but finished near the bottom of the standings as many of them underperformed or were injured.

This was one of the toughest columns I've ever had to write. Not because of a dearth of players, but because there were so many of them. My original quick list had 55 names on it, and I somehow got it down to these 10. I plan on breaking it down even further next week, so if you see a name that you think should be here, keep in mind that the player may be on next week's list.

To make it more palatable, I'm not including players that put up disappointing numbers due to injuries, as we covered that last week.

Before I get into this week's column, a quick plug for Rick Roos, who is working on something similar but with a twist. He's created a poll asking which disappointing players can bounce back at some point in a future season. Check out the poll in the forums.

Here were the top 10 most disappointing players for 2019-20.

10. Jeff Skinner

Skinner is a perfect example of why you don't overpay (in both fantasy and real0life) for a player who is dependent on playing with elite players. After scoring 40 goals on a line with Jack Eichel, Skinner scored a huge contract last summer that gives him a cap hit of $9 million for the next seven seasons. Before this campaign had even started, Skinner was replaced on the top line (and the top power-play unit) by rookie Victor Olofsson. Skinner went on to post 14 goals and 23 points in 59 games.

9. Max Domi

We all knew a regression was coming, but we never expected it to be this bad. After notching 72 points for Montreal in 2018-19, Domi came crashing back to earth with 44 points in 71 games (a 51-point pace). What hurts is that