Ramblings: Re-Drafting 1989, ELC Opportunities, Nick Robertson, Toffoli, & Markstrom (April 1)

Cam Robinson


The NHL has extended the teams’ self-quarantine until April 15. The league is breaking off section in two-week chunks. And with the way the US is trending, we'll be seeing that period extended a few more times.


This is yet to be the death blow to the 2019-20 campaign, as it's been well-publicized that Gary Bettman is dedicated to crowning a champion somehow, someway. Don't cancel the remaining matchups in your fantasy playoffs until the league officially nixes the year.

You never know, you may be in even better shape when they play 10 games in late-July ahead of a truncated playoff season with Steven Stamkos and most of the other injured players back up and running. 



Kyle Dubas was quoted as saying when training camp occurs (whenever that is) the Leafs' top pick from 2019, Nicholas Robertson (53rd overall) will be given every opportunity to make the club. And while that may just be lip service to keep the young man motivated, it's not altogether unrealistic.

Robertson is a fascinating player and person. He was one of the youngest players in the 2019 draft – missing the cutoff for 2020 by just five days. Adding to that is the fact that he was born in California on September 11, 2001 – that infamous day in American history. And he was born a full 12 weeks premature.

My son was born seven weeks premature and I can tell you, that was more than early enough. It's a frightening scenario to be in. I cannot imagine a 28-week old baby coming out and managing to not only catch up to his peers but blow by them athletically. 

For some reason, Robertson slipped out of round one last June an