Ramblings: Secondary Assists – Gaudette, Backstrom, Johansen (Apr 3)

Ian Gooding


Hello again, and hope you're managing well during this uneasy time.

With this pause likely to be measured in months and not weeks, there are many ideas floating around as for how the 2019-20 NHL season might resume. Here's one interesting one, which is derived from an NBA idea.


I don't like to dive too much into these ideas, since there are so many unknowns right now. The sports leagues like the NHL seem to want to consider every possible option before writing off the season, though. No matter what the decision, people's health should come first.

I've seen a few fantasy owners mention on Twitter that they have already decided to throw in the towel on their fantasy season. In case you're wondering if you should do the same, please read Dobber's Fantasy Impact piece, written the day that the season was officially suspended indefinitely. Whatever you decide is up to you, but as a commissioner in three different leagues, I won't make a decision until the NHL decides one way or another. Remember that in fantasy playoffs, there are all kinds of bad breaks or bounces that could result in the “best” team not winning the title.

Maybe it will be fair, and maybe it won't. But it's too early to tell. And there's still a strong possibility that the entire NHL season is done anyway, let alone the remaining regular season.


Brian Burke had an interesting Q&A session on Twitter today. One particular answer that caught my attention had to do