Top 10 Surprises of 2019-20

Tom Collins


One of the keys to winning your fantasy championship is being able to find those guys who will have great seasons that seeming come out of nowhere. After all, these are players that you could have drafted late or picked up off the waiver wire at some point, and many of them performed better than third- and fourth-round draft picks.

For this list, we're looking at surprise players who had sustained success. Tristen Jarry had a good run for a while, but not enough that it would have impacted your season too much. We're also excluding rookies, as we didn't have a baseline for potential success.

Something to consider is that with teams having at least 10 games remaining when the league was suspended, we also have to look at the players' points pace to get a better sense of how well some of these guys were playing.

One of the things I like to do is gather projections from a bunch of web sites, experts and fantasy guides in the offseason to see if there are any outliers. It's also helpful at the end of the season to look back to see if there were anyone that everyone missed out on.

10. Jakub Vrana

Despite playing in 13 fewer games this year than a year ago, Vrana still notched one extra goal and five extra points. In total, he had 25 goals and 52 points in 69 games (a 30-goal, 62-point pace). He also had 187 shots and 12 power-play points, both career highs. His shot total was helpful in weekly leagues, as he had at least five shots in a game on nine occasions, and had games of eight, nine and 10 shots. He was fairly consistent most of the season, only hitting a cold spell down the stretch when he had one point in six games.

9. David Perron

Looking on the surface, it doesn't feel like Perron's 60 points (and 69-point pace) should have been a surprise. Last year, he had 46 points, but scored at a 66-point pace as he only played 57 games. The season before, he had 66 points, but this time was a 77-point pace as he only played 70 games. So, this year's 60 points and 69-point pace doesn't look that out of place. However, most projected he would get 45 to 55 points because of those health issues. Instead, he played every game, which was another great surprise.

8. Dougie Hamilton

This is a tricky one to include, as he hasn't played a game since the middle of January, but we can't overlook how surprising he was in the first half of the season. Most people projected Hami