Ramblings – 20 Defensemen Who Could Reach 80 Points (Apr 06)



The only active defensemen to ever reach 80 points in a season are Erik Karlsson and Brent Burns. Kris Letang could have made it, but he was too prone to injury and now the window has passed him by. But I put together a list of players who 'could' get there, and honestly a few of them will because the NHL is more wide open with scoring these days and a lot of that rests on the puck-moving defensemen. Some D could have made the list with the right bounces, teammates, coaching, PP time, etc. (I'm thinking about Erik Gustafsson, Mike Matheson, Shayne Gostisbehere etc.). But here are some guys I think could get there. At some point. Maybe. Here is the list I came up with, along with some musings about how they could get there.



The Long-Shots

20. Miro Heiskanen

I don't know if, offensively, Heiskanen can get there. Nor do I think the team around him is good enough to help. But his overall talent is elite. When he reaches his prime he could potentially be the top all-around defenseman in the world. And he's only 20, so for all we know the team around him could have Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews on it in six years.

19. Adam Fox


Fox has had such an impressive rookie season and it's just so rare to see this from a defenseman coming straight out of college. I rea