Ramblings: Searching for (More) 50-Goal Scorers, Re-drafting 2008, Twitter Madness, Ellis, & Cave (April 8)

Cam Robinson


Over in the Canucks Twitter universe, there's a March Madness-style bracket going on that pits a variety of who's who from the Vancouver media, former-pros, and fan sphere. I was happy with a run to the Sweet Sixteen before bowing out to The Athletic’s, Wyatt Arndt, aka The Stanchion.

Now, here's where it gets fun. This week, they're down to the final four – TSN Canucks Beat Writer, Jeff Paterson takes on Stanch on Thursday while The Athletic’s Harman Dayal, aka The Boy Genius squares off against Roberto Luongo.

I placed my vote earlier in the day for my man, Harm. At the time there were around 1500 votes and Harman was up 57%-43%. That is, of course, until Bobby Lu dropped this hammer fist of a blow to his competition.