Ramblings – The 10 Best Fantasy Prospects Recently Signed to Entry-Level Contracts (Apr 13)



Ramblings – The 10 Best Fantasy Prospects Recently Signed to Entry-Level Contracts (Apr 13)


Here is my prediction of how things will go for the NHL. At this point any kind of regular season seems extremely unlikely – I'll call it 5%. And I don't see a scenario for that 5% to even happen, but I try not to speak in absolutes! So we're down to the playoffs, which I put at 60% and only if it is a smaller/revised version of it. Let's see how I do with this prediction, we'll revisit it in October:

  1. Top 5 teams from each Conference based on points percentage make the playoffs.
  2. The shortened Stanley Cup tournament would begin in, say mid-August.
  3. It will be held in two neutral cities, and in empty buildings.
  4. 5v4 in a best 2-out-of-3 series, with the winner making the quarter-finals.
  5. 1v4 (or 5) and 2v3 for each conference, best 3-out-of-5
  6. Cup semi-finals would be best 3-out-of-5
  7. Stanley Cup Final begins in mid-September and is best 4-out-of-7
  8. NHL Awards held early October, NHL Draft held mid-October, NHL Free Agency opens around October 20.
  9. Training camps open in early November with empty buildings
  10. The season will begin November 18. This time they will allow people in provided they have proof of negative test results or some sort of proof of immunity (a vaccine won't likely be available until March or April so I'm not really sure the logistics of this). Or perhaps they sell to half-capacity, or maybe empty buildings will continue into the New Year. Whatever the setup is – it won't be normal at first.

This would pit Pittsburgh against Philadelphia to battle it out for the final playoff spot. Carolina and Toronto are far enough back that there really is no dispute. And West is similar in terms of the gap between sixth and fifth – really no dispute as Dallas is ahead of Winnipeg by two points with two games in hand, and ahead of Vancouver/Nashville by four points with equal games played. So Dallas and Edmonton would play for the quarter-final berth.

That's where my head is at. If Canada does