Ramblings: Low Block Defensemen – Werenski, Yandle, Krug (May 3)

Ian Gooding


If you haven't already, be sure to check out the latest The Journey by Dave Hall. This week, he takes a break from specific top prospects and discusses the pros and cons of several popular rumored ideas for the 2020 NHL draft. You should check out his column each week anyway for both draft-ready and NHL-ready prospects, which he will return to next week.

As I told Dave by email, I can see why the NHL would try to push holding a draft before the season resumes (follow the money, TV networks, exposure with very little competition, marketing opportunities, etc.) I simply don't like the idea for a number of reasons, unless the NHL decides sometime this month to stick a fork in the season. Then they can hold it as early as they want to.

Imagine the scenario of a team winning the draft lottery, then leapfrogging into a playoff spot, then winning the Stanley Cup. The odds of that happening would be remote, but it could happen. Then your Stanley Cup playoffs would lose major credibility when they are already being put into question by possibly being held with fewer games overall and/or shorter breaks between games.


You might prefer Joe Thornton with a beard, but this video is too top-notch not to share.


A couple of days ago, I discussed the top blocked-shot options among defensemen, which you can find here. Today, let's flip the Frozen Tools results over and look at the def