Ramblings: Who’s Ready For A Breakout? (May 6)

Cam Robinson


Since these are defined as Ramblings, allow me to ramble on for a bit. I'm constantly on the lookout for players who are in a position to see their ice time elevated and consequently their production. Often these come in the form of young players finding their groove in year three or four. But we also see it from established veterans who have bloomed late or find themselves in a new spot – ala J.T. Miller this past season.

We’ll have to wait for the offseason moves to peg the next Miller, but here are a few candidates and what you can hope to expect from them next year: 


Nico Hischier

It seems to me that many people have basically settled on Hischier being just an average fantasy asset despite being just 21 years old. However, the magical fourth-season is coming for the 2017 first-overall pick.

Through the first 209 games of his career, Hischier has been a solid even-strength producer. 107 EVP in 209 games equals 0.512 even-strength points per game. That's damn near the exact output that Nathan MacKinnon (0.518) produced during his first three campaigns at evens. 

Now, I'm not ready to say that Hischier will be one of the top three players in the world in the near future, but we'd be remiss to completely wash away high expectations for the Devils centre.

Hischier should see his PPTOI continue to increase. There's little reason that he,