Ramblings – I’ve Identified 17 Disappointing Key Fantasy Players I’m Confident Will Bounce Back (May 18)



I will have an announcement officially announcing a release date for the 13th annual Fantasy Prospects Report next Monday (for realsies this time) in the Ramblings, on Twitter and on Facebook. I am (still) awaiting the NHL's decision about when their draft will take place, and I believe that decision will finally come this week. It has to, if they want the draft to be held in June. I have gone from 90% sure that it will happen, to just 40% certainty. And instead of an early June draft date, I think they may hold the original dates on June 26-27. My release date will be in early June if the Draft is in June, and it will be July 1 if the Draft is pushed back to the fall (i.e. after the season). Follow me on Twitter for an announcement immediately after the NHL's announcement.


There is a lot of news right now about the NHL making playoff arrangements. It is looking likely that they will go with a 24-team playoff format, which is a contingency in the event that they don't complete the season. Or maybe it means that the playoffs get expanded in lieu of finishing the season. And I wonder if this is a compromise that is tied into Bettman getting the GMs to agree on holding the draft in June. I'm sure Dean Evason, Bill Guerin and David Poile (for example) would be fine giving up their lottery pick in exchange for participation in the playoffs. Twenty-four teams get playoffs… and seven teams get a crack at the lottery? If this is the case, I suspect we hear a double announcement from the NHL outlining the draft, as well as resumption of hockey (but without a firm date on the latter) this week. I think waiting until May 25, from what I've gathered, is too late if the league expects teams to be ready for a draft at any point in June. So this is the week.


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