Ramblings: Top Plus Minuses – Slavin, Nichushkin, Chara (June 1)

Ian Gooding


In case you missed it, be sure to check out the fantasy impact of the NHL's return to play plan. I'm not just promoting it because I wrote it, but also because we at Dobber Hockey would like you to look at it if you have to make a decision about your fantasy season.

If this feels like a strange situation, it's because it is. We have playoff matchups, and when we have playoff matchups, we have playoff predictions. The problem is that those predictions are hard to get into if the series won't start for about another two months. These series will be broken down inside out and upside down with so many "what if's."

Until then, the NHL has a ton of logistical hurdles to work through. Not the least of which are finding hub cities and transporting players in a way that is both timely and can satisfy family concerns, the latter of which I don't think will be ideal. Then there's the decision of whether to let players who signed after the pause play in the playoffs. There are many more issues, but those are a few off the top of my head.


Just another friendly reminder that that the Fantasy Prospects Report will be released June 12.


Here are the top 10 plus-minuses from the past season:

Name GP G A PTS +/-
 GRAVES,RYAN 69 9 17 26 40
 PANARIN,ARTEMI 69 32 63 95 36
HAMILTON,DOUGIE 47 14 26 40 30
 SLAVIN,JACCOB 68 6 30 36 30
 POINT,BRAYDEN 66 25 39 64 28
CIRELLI,ANTHONY 68 16 28 44 28
HEDMAN,VICTOR 66 11 44 55 27