Ramblings: Up and Comers (June 3rd)

Cam Robinson


Before we get going, I’ll just take a moment to discuss what’s happening in the United States. The protests happening throughout that country and the similar showings of support in other places around the globe are a long time in the making. I am a privileged, white male who has never known such fear or persecution. I only hope to gain knowledge from knowing that I will never truly understand, but that does not mean I cannot be an ally.

Today feels like a difficult day to discuss anything other than the fight for equal rights and freedoms. But, for many, sports are a reprieve. A place to soothe the angst that surrounds us. So we’ll beat on, but know that my heart is with those risking their lives so that others can find peace.


In a not-so-surprising turn of events, I continue to be wrapped up in the world of draft-eligible players. Recently, I have been granted access to the mecca of all scouting platforms. The site is called InStat and it compiles and annotates games and shifts from nearly all the games in all of the world. 

I'm not joking. I can immediately jump to a zone breakout or blocked shot from an obscure second division game in Slovakia. It's my dream. The statistics and images to follow come from their platform. But of course, with this new power comes new responsibility. The team and I at DobberProspects are heartily producing content for the upcoming 2020 Fantasy Prospect Report. That, by the way, drops in a little less than two weeks.


For today’s Ramblings, I've decided to highlight a few of the less-talked-about skaters from the upcoming group that boasts real fantasy upside. I'll add the range where they could be drafted and their anticipated wait time. 


Seth Jarvis, RW

Jarvis wrapped up as the top WHL draft-eligible producer with an impressive 42 goals and 98 points in 54 contests for Portland. But what is even more impressive is how he went about gaining those points. He began the year in the bottom-six and was given a B-rating indicating a player likely selected in the second or third round. However, this is a player who simply refuses to be denied access to the inner portion of the offensive zone. His penchant for clicking at a hig