Frozen Tools Forensics: Useful features on our Frozen Tools

Chris Kane


In this column we have used a lot of the Frozen Tool reports to gather league wide data and spot players who are excelling in various categories. This week I would like to go back to basics, to one area we have not yet addressed, the Player Profile. It houses a wealth of information about an individual player. This week the goal is to highlight some of the useful features using a few players as examples.


Player Profiles: Who Do You Highlight?

Over the course of this column we have highlighted players for playoff performance, game-winning-goal numbers, shot rates, and all-around fantasy performance. We have talked about players who were better value to their actual teams than to fantasy teams, and today we are going to highlight a few players who are as valuable for their voices as they are for the fantasy performance.

First a quick overview of the Player Profile. We won't hit all of the functions because there are just too many but will try to review the ones I use the most frequently.

Once you load up a player you get a chance to see that player's bio at the top as well as their performance in the current season. There are a number of tabs (Career Stats, Game Log, Line Combinations, Advanced Stats, Info Analysis, and Player Calculator).

Career Stats: Great for comparing a player's performance over time, it is really helpful for looking how things like ice time and point paces have changed between years.

Line Combinations: Really useful to see who a player usually plays with, and what their last line combination was.

Advanced Stats: Displays things like five-on-five shooting percentage and IPP, which can be really helpful in figuring out if a player's performance is sustainable.

Player Calculator: Possibly my favorite section. It allows you to gather much of the above data in a specific date range. Want to know who a player's most common line mate was from 10/15/2020 to 11/11/2020? Well you can do that. Want to know what a player's shooting percentage has been over the last two weeks? You can do that too. How about time on the power-play since X other player was injured? Yup that is there too.

And now on to the players. We