Ramblings: Roto Rankings Fallers – Ristolainen, Benn, Boeser (June 14)

Ian Gooding


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I don't know if many keeper leagues have turned the "allow trades" button back on, or even that they never turned it off in the first place. I've kept it off in my keeper league and don't plan to turn it back on until after the playoffs at the very least. For those who are making trades for next season, just a word of caution that there are still playoffs to be played and an offseason to be transacted (is that a word?) before next season.

Of course, it won't be your typical offseason. Activities may be out of order and over a shortened timeframe, and teams won't be as aggressive in spending with a likely flattened cap resulting from COVID-19. I wonder if that results in a higher proportion of bridge deals for RFAs (which is my thinking on Tony DeAngelo, whose situation I touched on yesterday). Alex Pietrangelo, Taylor Hall, and Tyson Barrie (among many others) will experience opportunity costs from entering UFA status at the wrong time.

I bring this up because I was recently asked a question on Twitter about the Blackhawks power play next season, specifically on defense. There are still many unknowns before we can map that out. For starters, the Hawks still have a play-in round against Edmonton, with the possibility for more. Last I checked, Duncan Keith was still manning the first-unit power play. Yes, I know he's 36 years old and the Blackhawks have several young prospects in the pipeline. But what are the chances that they try something different during something as important as the play-in round? Maybe they wouldn't have traded