Ramblings: Hockey Hall of Fame inductions; previewing Pittsburgh vs. Montreal – June 25

Michael Clifford


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The 2020 Hockey Hall of Fame class was announced on Wednesday. The inductees are as follows:

I think most people expected Iginla, and Hossa to some degree. Holland was going to get in as a builder eventually, so why not this year. St. Pierre has three Olympic gold medals. Wilson has a Norris Trophy, several top-5 finishes, and is generally considered one of the best defencemen of the 1980s. Lowe is more contentious. His proponents will point to his locker room contributions and leadership, as well as defensive play. Fine. When I think HHOF, my first question is always, "was he considered among the best at his position for his era?" I’ll let the people who actually watched him argue about it.


In my recent Ramblings, I've been going through the play-in series we're going to hopefully be watching in six weeks or whatever. It's an attempt to recap the season of each team that has made it to the play-in round, the performances of their top players, how they measure up at each position, and any injuries that may be lingering. Hockey fans can be forgiven if they don't remember which team had a strong October and November, so we're here to help remind them. We've already finished the West, and moved to the East yesterday: