The Journey: Prospects Who Could Join Their Clubs This Summer – Metro Division

Dave Hall


There we have it. After almost four months of waiting, we finally got some much-needed hockey excitement. If you missed it, the NHL broadcasted Phase 1 of its 2020 lottery draft on Friday evening. Although it was short-lived, it did not disappoint with its dramatics and cliff-hanging results. If you are curious as to what happened or just looking for clarification on how it worked, check out Ian Gooding's Saturday Ramblings.

That’s all I am going to mention about the events that took place, as I plan to cover some scenarios for next week’s installment of The Journey. Instead, I focus my energy on wrapping up my four-part mini-series. If you have yet to tune in, I have chimed in on at least one prospect per team who I believe stands a chance at filling a spot as a black ace in this summer's play-in and playoff events.

So far, I have covered the Pacific, Central, and Atlantic Divisions, finally bringing us to the Metropolitan. Here, we have a division that has all but one team (New Jersey) with a shot to make a deep playoff run, along with a list of prospects who could receive a call to assist in the journey.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Liam Foudy

Many of the prospects mentioned will be fighting for a look this summer, but for Foudy, his spot seems all but certain. Not only has he already made an impressive (emergency) appearance this season, the club has also made it fairly obvious that he will be given his fair shot. In fact, he may be given more than a shot, but rather a nice look at some middle-six minutes, inclu