Ramblings – Top 13 NHL Backups Worth Owning, Drama in Arizona, and more (July 27)



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There is some drama coming out of Arizona and the full details are still filtering through, bit by bit. What we do know is that John Chayka has resigned as GM, and did so on Friday. Just nine months before resigning, he signed an extension that took him through 2023-24. So what happened? What we have heard is that his office was cleaned out Friday, and that he 'might' end up with Buffalo or Ottawa – and that it would not be a lateral move, meaning he could become President or VP somewhere, along with the role of GM. There is also suspicion that he wasn't happy being left out of the re-opening of negotiations with Taylor Hall, as he should be.

Pretty poor and unprofessional reaction by the young Chayka, and I think that had he had another 10 years of experience under his belt he would have known to wait until after the playoffs. I agree that the club treated him poorly in negotiating with Taylor Hall without him. But Chayka neede