Frozen Tools Forensics: Stats from the first week of play-ins

Chris Kane


Happy end of the week to all the readers out there. Unless the COVID rock you have taken residence under is particularly large and obstructing you are aware that the NHL resumed action this week. I think that makes it a prime opportunity for your annual reminder that the Frozen Tools have you covered. Each report can be run using data from recent playoff years, including this one.

So with about a week of action under our belt what kinds of things can we learn? Let's run some reports and see what the numbers tell us.

This week on Frozen Tools: One Week In The Bubble

To start I pulled up the Big Board Report. Just as a quick reminder you can adjust the sample you are pulling data from by selecting from the Report Range drop-down menu at the top of the page. For this report, we are looking at the 2019-20 Playoffs. With the usual steps of exporting and adjusting a few columns so they fit on this page, we have the below report. I included just the top seven skaters as there are ten players with four points at this stage in the game (Thursday morning) and adding them made the table much less manageable (still, shout out to all the players with four points – more than a point per game).


Name Pos Age Team GP G A PTS PTS/GP Season Pace 82GP Pace GWG PPP PPTOI %PP TOI SOG
SEBASTIAN AHO C 23 CAR 3 3 5 8 2.