Fantasy Hockey Poll: Who could improve their production with a new team?

Rick Roos


In fantasy we're rightly attuned to players doing better than they should due to the team they're on, but what about the other side of the coin? We know, for example, from Tyler Toffoli's brief time in Vancouver, there must be players who, if only they were traded, could do much better than they have been. I realize that a recent edition of the Fantasy Top Ten by Tom Collins (about players who are most in need of a fresh start) touched upon this subject, but let's delve deeper.

Below is a list of 20 players whom I believe could stand to benefit considerably, and right away, if they were traded to a new team. Of course, in many cases, there's no way they'll actually be traded; however, for purposes of this poll, let's say there was a universe in which they could be traded to a better situation, fantasy-wise. The only players excluded from being voting choices were (1) those on Tom's list, (2) goalies, and (3) skaters who have yet to already appear in 100+ NHL games.

Also, since arguably all 20 could do better on another team, you should vote for the top five you think could most benefit by a trade, in terms of improvement in their stats for 2020-21. In other words, for purposes of this poll let's assume they'd be traded this offseason and that you should assess them in terms of how much better they'd do just in 2020-21 if they were, in fact, traded to an ideal landing spot versus if they stayed stuck where they are now.

Here now are the 20 voting choices, listed in alphabetical order. A link to the voting poll is at the end of the column.


Mathew Barzal – Surprised to see Barzal on the list? Sure, he's by far the top forward for the Islanders. But he's a supreme talent on a team not built for offensive firepower. It's not difficult to imagine him being a 90+ point player on nearly any other team.


Jakob Chychrun – The Coyotes thought enough of Chychrun to have him stay in the NHL as an 18-year old, and then, at age 20, to sign him to a six year deal at a cap hit of $4.6M. But in terms of fantasy he's been a disappointment, although it's not his fault since he hasn't been able to crack PP1 and Oliver Ekman-Larsson, signed through 2026-27, looks to be standing in the way of his success, making it tantalizing to imagin