Ramblings: News from the week; Heiskanen; Theodore; Maatta traded; playoff format – October 5

Michael Clifford


I am just stepping in Dobber's usual spot this week as he had to cover for me last week. He'll be back in this usual slot for his next Ramblings.


Olli Maatta was traded from Chicago to Los Angeles for prospect Brad Morrison. Morrison is 23 years old and spent last year in the ECHL. In other words, this is a salary dump.

Maatta is an interesting acquisition here. A couple weeks ago, I wrote how the Kings have cap space and two choices ahead of them: run out the contracts of Jeff Carter and Dustin Brown, stocking the cupboards for when they turn over the team to the likes of Kupari, Turcotte et al. That would also mean Doughty and Kopitar – both on the wrong side of 30 already – would be two years older. Conversely, they could make moves to bolster the roster for the next couple seasons, utilizing what's left of the Carter and Brown contracts, and hoping their young kids make enough of an impact to make another run while Kopitar is still under contract. It looks as if the Kings are going with the latter.

This signals to me that the Kings are going to be very busy this offseason. We'll see.

As for Maatta, there isn't much depth here on the left-hand side. He could easily go right to the top pair with Drew Doughty. Maatta has a lengthy injury history, though, so maybe they don't want him playing 20-21 minutes a night, sliding him down to the second pair. In that second case, he'll be about the same guy he's always been, and on a lower-scoring team. There is multi-cat utility here regardless, but in points leagues, he's probably waiver fodder.


The big new from last week was that the New York Rangers would buy out long-time starter Henrik Lundqvist. The King had one year left on his deal and the Rangers have both Igor Shesterkin and Alexandar Georgiev. Maybe there could have been a Georgiev trade somewhere, but the Rangers thought it best to keep their two young netminders,