Ramblings: Free Agent Frenzy today; Justin Williams retires; Wennberg and Schneider bought out – October 9

Michael Clifford


Well, we've arrived. Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

Also, it's Free Agent Frenzy Day, I guess.

Dobber and myself will be around all day to post articles on the impact of major signings. These take some time to whip up, so we'll need more than four minutes after a signing is announced, but rest assured, we'll have your fantasy angles covered once the deals start flying in.

A couple weeks ago, I did some previews of free agency, namely teams with cap space (things have changed since) and where I think some key players may land (things have not changed much since). Anyone looking to kill some time until noon eastern… please click.


Justin Williams retired. Readers can view his statement on Twitter here.

Having written about hockey for nearly a decade, one thing I've noticed: it's not often a player lives up to their reputation. The guys who can 'play up and down the lineup' are usually just bad players being carried by good ones; 'stay-at-home' defencemen were just blue liners who couldn't skate but loved cross-checking, etc. Williams, however, was a true 200 ft. player in every sense of those words. From all the media quotes, he was a great leader for every franchise he was a part of, particularly later in his career. Here's one more cliché that he actually lived up to whereas most fail: he was a complete player.

He's one of those guys who won't get into the Hall of Fame, but anyone who's ever been associated with him knows his greatness. Congratulations to Mr. Game 7 on a wonderful career and a happy retirement.


Ian put together a list of buyouts and players that were not qualified by their teams, making them free agents. There has been a lot of news recently and