The Journey: Draft Thoughts – The Good, the Bad, and the Sleepers

Dave Hall


It has been quite the week for hockey fanatics. From the Entry Draft all the way to a hectic Free Agent Frenzy, there has been no shortage of excitement. Of course, I will be focusing my attention on the draft, which if I am being honest, seemed to drag on for an eternity. It was weird, it was different, but it certainly had its moments. Of course, you have to hand it to both the league and Senators organization for inviting Alex Trebek on the screen to announce the Tim Stutzle selection. That’s just good television.

This week, I have decided to share some of my thoughts on what occurred at the draft. Every event has its share of curveballs, but this year came in hot and heavy, in very much 2020 fashion. Here is my list of the bad, the good, and also a list of sleepers that I felt dropped far in to "steal" territory. Of course, I sprinkle in small predictions on where their fantasy potential may lie with each as well. 

The draft began as expected, with no serious shocks. Things changed quickly. 


The Bad

Make no mistake about it, Jack Quinn is a fantastic player and should develop into a real solid goal-scorer at the NHL level someday. However, as I mentioned in my Mock Draft last week, his sudden climb from 12-to-52 goals over the course of a summer, whilst playing for a fairly stacked junior club, slightly throws me off. I do not mind shooting for the stars outside the top 10, but when a player such as Marco Rossi falls into your