Ramblings: Rossi overseas; Galchenyuk to Ottawa; OHL and AHL plans; McAvoy; Skinner; Lindholm – October 29

Michael Clifford


Marco Rossi is heading to Switzerland with the blessing of the Minnesota Wild. He is expected to be in the lineup for the ZSC Lions, according to Mr. Russo, by this weekend.

At the risk of reading far too much into this, Rossi starting up his hockey season overseas at a point in time where we're probably six or so weeks out from training camps *assuming the league is still pushing for a January 1st start date* is a bit curious to me. If the Wild were assuming a January 1st start date, would they allow their recent first-round pick to go overseas for a month? I don't know. These are questions with unknowable answers. It is just, for me, intuitively speaking, I don't think a team would send their top teenage prospect overseas, even if it's a league he's familiar with, just for a month of training. But, again, maybe I'm reading too much into this.


Further to that point, Jeff Marek of Sportsnet released the details of the latest OHL General Managers' meeting. Long story short, the hope is to have players arrive the week after New Year's Eve, quarantine, start training camps a couple weeks later, and then start the season the first week of February (the exact details are contained in the link). That kind of timeline – quarantine post-Christmas, start a month later – always made more sense to me for the NHL than their current plan, which would have players away from their families for the holidays. But that's just my personal opinion on things. We have seen how quickly all this can change.


Finally on that note, the AHL announced it expects to restart on February 5th, one day after the OHL. Again, that seems like a more realistic timeline for the NHL.


Alex Galchenyuk has signed a one-year deal with the Sens. For me, this ship has long sailed. Galchenyuk has been a terrible defensive player his entire career, and he's not really a play-driver, either. At best, he's a decent finisher who is good on the power play. That is where he'll derive his fantasy value: the power pla