Top 300 Keeper League Skaters – November 2020



Here are the Top 300 skaters to own in our points-only keeper leagues – November edition!

This is the 18th anniversary of this feature! Eighteen years of monthly rankings, though the first three-plus seasons these were posted at The Hockey News. Interestingly enough, the reason DobberHockey exists is because of these rankings. During that ’05 lockout, THN had to lay off some staff, which included their webmaster. So I had to send my articles to Adam Proteau, a columnist there, to post. But when I sent my rankings for the first time after hockey returned… he didn’t know how to post those. So I put them up on webpage that came free with my Internet service, and just linked to the page through my THN articles.

Well I guess that “webpage” is all grown up now, eh? The rest, as you know, is history.

Anyway, the long-awaited rankings that have the newly-signed UFA’s and newly-drafted prospects on it – Alexis Lafreniere makes his debut!

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As always, players between +/-5.0 ratings points should be considered equal value, and at that point become a matter of personal bias or team needs. Click any player name to be taken to his player profile page – a page where Eric Daoust and I customized to suit the fantasy owner. And as fantasy owners oursel