Top 50 Fantasy Prospect Defensemen – November 2020



Here are the Top 50 prospect defensemen to own in your points-only keeper leagues – November edition!

Soon, the NHL will announce the official start date for the 2020-21 NHL season, so we can finally set some draft dates! Already available is the 15th annual Fantasy Hockey Guide and the 13th annual Fantasy Prospects Report (get them both at a steeeep discount via the Keeper League Fantasy Pack found here). I can safely say that it’s the best Guide on the market right now. Well, yes, it’s the only Guide on the market right now. But it would still be the best even if the competition got off their ass and put something out! And as soon as the NHL announces the length of the schedule, all projections will be revised to match the appropriate games played.

This month, just some small tweaks based on QMJHL and Euro progress (minimal) as well as the impact that the regular Top 300 skaters list had on this list (not much, but some). Defensemen were impacted more later in the list as opposed to higher up – in fact, at first blush it looks like just one player moved up within the Top 50. Well, it is what it is! (See Top 200 Fantasy Prospect Forwards Here)

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