Frozen Tools Forensics: Bubble Keeper Week with Gaudette, Hyman, and more

Chris Kane


In honor of Bubble Week we are going to put a quick pause on our look at multi-cat players and turn our attention to a few players who might be worth a little extra examination on your rosters. As with all of the other writers this week we are going to avoid talking about the top several tiers of players and really focus on those ones that might be in line for something better this season.

This article is really going to align well with our earlier series on breakout candidates. We talked about the 4th Year Breakout a few times (here and here), and then broadened our definition a bit a couple of weeks ago with the Up and Comers. We are going to use some of the same process here, but with a different batch of players because of slightly different criteria and focus.

This week in Frozen Tools Forensics: Bubble Week

Now for a little bit of process and inside baseball. When writing this column every week, I try and do a couple of things. I definitely want to end up talking about some players, and give some fantasy takes as that is what everyone comes for. I also want to try to give a little context to some of the available research options and show how the reports can be used. To that end I wanted to take a second and remind everyone how valuable the export feature is on the Dobber Reports. Almost every week I use the export feature so I can add my own filters, sort, or even add more columns. That process was more important than ever this week. We have no specific report for the "take out all of the non-bubble players". By exporting a Dobber Report I have a spreadsheet that I can then add the Bubble Data to and then filter. In this case I can also add some other columns (like say some Per-60 data to a Big Board Report).

In this case specifically I started with a Big Board report removed of the top tier players (vlookup functions are lovely), rearranged the columns (so this article would focus only on the ones I need), and then filtered for criteria. This week we are continuing the themes outlined in the articles above; looking for players that could be on the verge of some increased production. That means players that are having success on a Per-60 basis, but have some areas they could improve (like in power-play time, or total time on ice).

To start I want to look at power-play time. So, specific