Ramblings: New jerseys; Hoffman still un-signed; league-wide trends – November 17

Michael Clifford


If you haven't picked up your copy of the 2020-21 Dobber Hockey Fantasy Guide, now is the best time to do it. We have depth charts, lineups, power-play configurations, projections, prospect impact, and a whole lot more. Not only that, but it will be updated until the 2020-21 season kicks off, whenever that is.


It strikes me weird that Mike Hoffman is still a free agent. Few players have had the goal-scoring consistency he's had for the last half-dozen years. Sure, he turns 31 next week, but we've seen a lot of good players signed at deep discounts this off-season because of, well, *gestures broadly*. Evgenii Dadonov, his former teammate, is a better player and could only get 3x$5M from a non-playoff team that has oodles of cap space.

It may be a case where he will wait out the market and one of two things happen: he takes a discounted one-year, which may be all that is available now, or a team caves and gives him a multi-year deal. He is also more of a finisher/PP guy rather than a play-driver, so maybe teams are getting wise to that.

(I had this written before I looked at Dobber's Monday Ramblings. He talks about a lot of the remaining free agents, Hoffman included, here.)


The NHL released their reverse retro jerseys (we're hard up for news here). Some of them are funny as there's really not much difference between these Bruins and Islanders jerseys and the ones they normally wear. Some of them are throwbacks to older jerseys – the Ducks have the goalie leaping out of the ice while Arizona's took their peyote Kachina jersey and gave it a triple-dose of LSD. The Kings jersey, mixing their early-90s jersey with their 80s jersey, is pretty rad, though: