Ramblings: Realignment, Goals Saved Above Average – Vasilevskiy, Khudobin, Dubnyk/Jones (Dec 12)

Ian Gooding


I find this NHL realignment for COVID topic very interesting. For starters, it's brought up the idea of a permanent Canadian division. I've gone on record as saying that I'm against it permanently for travel reasons, but I'd love to see it play out this season only. It'll be like Hockey Day in Canada – every Saturday and more. Winning the Canadian Division will take on extra historical meaning.

Much of the recent chatter about realignment has surrounded where the Minnesota Wild will play. They've been known as a "mushy middle" team for a while for their usual placement in the standings, but apparently this also relates to geography. Where they are placed could affect how competitive the Central Division is, as St. Louis is being discussed as the team that would move west if Minnesota is in the Central. This also has fantasy implications, as you may already be trying to forecast players on your fantasy team with a schedule that could possibly include only intra-divisional matchups. I have a specific example of that later on.  


Team Canada's World Junior roster was announced on Friday. As expected, it contains many names that dynasty/keeper owners will be familiar with. So far, COVID hasn't made it easy for multiple teams involved, but let's hope they can pull it off.


Since the NHL season is expected to be 56 games, Dobber has updated the projections in the Fantasy Guide and the Draft List accordingly. If you're looking for those exact numbers, then you can go to