Capped: Team-by-team buy-and-sell – Part 6

Alexander MacLean


Week five is snowed in and it is now Christmas time. If you don't get exactly what you were hoping for under the Christmas tree, then read on and see if you can do a little shopping for yourself. This week we're covering Edmonton, Detroit, Dallas, and Columbus.

To reiterate for the uninitiated, this multi-week feature will cover each NHL team, analyzing one player to buy and one to sell. These recommendations will be based on their performance versus cap hit. That means in non-cap leagues, some of these suggestions may not be as relevant, but that doesn't mean the analysis isn't relevant. Generally, these players will either be riding new contracts into the season or be expected to have a large shift in value, for one reason or another. We went alphabetically last year, so this time we're going for the reverse.

The previous parts of this series can be found here.


Edmonton Oilers

Buy: Dominik Kahun

Current Cap Hit: $975,000

The Edmonton Oilers were the perfect spot for Kahun to sign, as he will fit in either with the best player in the world, or his countryman Leon Draisaitl. Kahun has played most of his two-year career on third lines, but for the approximately 30 games that he played with Evgeni Malkin (his only real top-tier line mate) Kahun was up from under a point every second game to two points in every three games. If he can keep up close to that pace this season as a top line winger in EDM, that's at least a 50-point pace, with the upside for more.


Sell: Kyle Turris

Current Cap Hit: $1,650,000

Kyle Turris is one of the players who saw his stock rise to an infinite degree this offseason – from less than zero to valuable as a depth skater. At some point, his perceived value due to not being locked into that terrible contract surpassed what he can actually bring to the table for the Oilers. Turris struggled in every role with the Predators over two and a half seasons. Unfortunately for him, with the Oilers' offensive centre depth there won't be enough to go around to support him as a viab