Ramblings: Chrismas wish list in the East and West – December 24

Michael Clifford


Christmas Eve! Happy holidays to everyone out there and for those who observe Christmas, that day is almost here. As is tradition, I'm going to do a wish list for today's and tomorrow's Ramblings. I typically do this every year but given the unique situation we're in, I thought it'd be worth a little change up. This year, I'll be making a Christmas wish to every team for something in the fantasy hockey realm. Yeah, most Christmas prayers go unanswered most years and I sure don't see why this year would be any different, but maybe we can get a few, as a treat.

I am going to go team by team, over half today and nearly half tomorrow, and we'll start with the East and West divisions. Here is the first half of a Christmas wish list from yours truly to each of the 31 NHL teams.




Can we get a full season from a healthy Ondrej Kase, please? This guy has been on the cusp of a breakout for a couple years but injuries have kept him to just 85 regular season games over the last couple seasons. With David Pastrnak likely out for at least a month, there could be some prime scoring minutes coming Kase's way. As always, he needs to stay healthy to get those minutes so please, pretty please, a healthy season, yeah?



For the love of all that is holy, why are we just taking Jeff Skinner off the top PP unit as if he's not a multi-time 30-goal scorer earning $9M a season? He has been one of the best goal scorers in the league for a decade and Victor Olofsson is the slam-dunk trigger-man on the top PP unit? Not that I don't also think that Olofsson will be PP1, I am just stunned at the speed with which Skinner, a legitimately great goal scorer, has been shunned like he has the pox. Can I get people remembering how good he is, please?


New Jersey

I am at the point where I need Nico Hischier to really become A Thing, if only to save my personal credibility. Really though, I have been really high on him since