Ramblings: Buffalo PP; Tkachuk/Dadonov; Matthews on the PK; Rantanen, Huberdeau, and more – January 8

Michael Clifford


What the Sabres will do with their power play is going to determine the fantasy value for a lot of key players. It is all well and good that Jeff Skinner can now play with Eric Staal, but without prime PP minutes, it's fair to wonder how much upside there is.

We got some clarity on the situation:



Don't forget about Sammy Reinhart. He has played to a 58 points/82 games pace the last three years and looks to get Skinner/Staal at even strength and top PP minutes.


It appears as if Auston Matthews is going to take some PK duties this year. This is a bit concerning for me. I get that, in a nutshell, players getting more ice time is a good thing for fantasy. What I worry about is that Matthews was playing over 22 minutes a night after Christmas last year. If he were to go from 22:18 to 23:48 while adding 90 seconds of PK time per night, then great. But if he were to go from 22:18 to 22:25 while adding 90 seconds of PK time per night, well, not great. That means the PK time came at the expense of EV or PP time, and that's bad for us (unless you play in an SHP league).

Imagining Matthews playing 24 minutes a night is a bridge too far, so it seems likely that the PK time will come at the expense of PP/EV time. It may not be 90 seconds, it may be 60 or 45, but any amount of time is a step in the wrong direction for fantasy. To be clear, this isn't a massive downgrade or anything. It is just something of which to be cognizant.


An important line update: