Ramblings: Stars Stuck To Start Season, Crawford Leave of Absence, Players Who Could Rebound (Jan 9)

Ian Gooding


The season is only a handful of days away and COVID-19 is already doing its thing. Not long after the Stars suddenly cancelled Friday's practice, the NHL issued the following statement about the Stars situation:

Breaking this down, at least three Dallas games will be postponed: Thursday's and Friday's games against Florida, and Sunday's game against Tampa Bay. The plan at the moment would be to reschedule these games, which has been the norm for both MLB and the NFL. However, there isn't a 100% guarantee on that given how fluid this situation is. If you haven’t held your draft yet, you may want to downgrade Stars players slightly or have an effective backup plan for the coming week if you draft one or more.

If your head-to-head league is using an extended first week beyond January 13-17, the Stars play another game against Tampa on Tuesday the 19th before two against Nashville to end the week. So it goes without saying that you should bench all your Stars until everyone tests negative.  

This, of course, affects other teams as well. Florida still has another game against Chicago on Sunday, so you'd still get a bit of use out of your Panthers in the shortened week. From Wednesday January 13 to Sunday January 17, the Panthers would join the Jets as the only team to play just one game. Meanwhile, Tampa still has two games against Chicago before they were scheduled to play Dallas.

See the Frozen Tools Schedule Planner for games in the shortened first week, or to create your own