Frozen Tool Forensics: Around The League in 31 Power-Plays (Part Two)

Chris Kane


Last week we started a journey around the league. There were highs. There were lows. We are going to continue that journey this week. Our goal is to stop in on each team and take a look at how they are running their power-play. There were many power-play defensemen storylines early in the season and we are going to use this opportunity to see how they have shaken out. Week 1 is here.

As a reminder from last week:

"A couple of quick process comments. For this series, we will again be looking at the report for time on ice. At the top of the reports page, we can also filter to run reports by position and by doing so in this case we will only be looking at defensemen. Once we export the report we can filter by the team and then sort of percent of the power-play. Again, using the percent can help us figure out how players are being deployed compared to their peers and can give us an idea about potential future trends.

The report I am using is for the last week, and it was run on Thursday.

We are going to do a quick round-the-league format so I will post the data from each team and comment as needed."

And now on to the teams (continuing reverse alphabetical order).



Ottawa's data shouldn't be too much of a shocker. Thomas Chabot leads the way on the power-play getting the largest share and access to the top unit. The second unit's time was reasonable over this period, but the firepower drops off considerably, leaving Erik Brannstrom a much less interesting prospect than his 41% might indicate.

New York Rangers:


The Rangers could not muster a power-play in their most recent games, but as of Wednesday's (February 17) practice lines Adam Fox is still on the top unit. The dust has settled here. There was some intrigue in the off-season and at the start the season with Tony DeAngelo, but with DeAngelo out of the picture it is Fox's show. He is getting the lion's share of total time and access to what should be an excellent top unit. K'Andre Miller is manning the second unit, which is getting a chun