The Journey: Dobber Forum Questions

Dave Hall


Welcome back to The Journey

Do you find yourself stumped mid-week trying to decide who to pick up for your weekend fantasy stretch? Do you struggle with which prospect you should keep over the other? Can't decide who to start in between the pipes? If so, have you tried visiting the Dobber Sports Forum

If you are unfamiliar with the forum, it is a great tool to chat with other GMs around the globe regarding all of the above-mentioned and more. What's so fantastic about the forum? Well, for me, aside from the fact that you can talk about anything fantasy hockey-related, there is also a very quick turnaround with responses – you are almost guaranteed, and prompt reply.

With this in mind, I thought I would change my tune a bit for this week’s installment. I decided to scour through a few of your recently asked questions. Of course, I chose those which revolved around prospects. By doing this, I not only get to answer the questions asked but cover a variety of prospects at the same time.

As always, please feel free to catch me on Twitter @hall1289 and fire off any prospect-related questions my way.

Question: Heinola or Romanov? Points only. Who do you got next year and long term?

My thoughts:

I mentioned this a few times last year, but I had a hunch that Alexander Romanov would surprise a few folks with his offensive capabilities. Obviously, he is commonly known for his terrific defensive/shutdown qualities – and for good reason. However, as we have seen on occasion throughout this season, there is potential to put up mid-ranged numbers. If this were a question of who I like overall, rather than points-only, I certainly put my trust in the Russian-born. 

However, based on merit, I would drift towards Heinola in a points format. The puck-moving defender has proven his worth overseas, posting solid numbers, while carrying special teams roles to boot. He does not hold a large quantity of experience within the North American circuit but posted a very respectable five points through eight matches during his quick stint with the Jets during the 2019-20 campaign. 

Verdict: Ville Heinola

Question: I need Assists, PPP and +/-. Do I roster Kaprizov tonight in Colorado or Lafreniere in Philly?

My thoughts:

I understand that this question has now passed, and this will not help