Ramblings: Dubois; Crosby; Hellebuyck; Ekblad; Grzelcyk & More

Alexander MacLean


A mid-week packed slate means there's a lot of boxscores to comb and fantasy thoughts to digest. Get comfy, grab your coffee, tea, or drink of choice, and let's get rolling.


Big news, the NHL looks like it is closing in on a new TV deal with ESPN, and if they're getting to it before the offseason, that's good news that they're not feeling pressured into it. 

The future cap numbers will be directly impacted by the numbers coming in on this new TV deal. After a flat cap this season, the cap can continue to rise incrementally for next year. For those of you in cap leagues, don't get too aggressive and count on anything more than $82 million. It's better to guess too low and if the number ends up being higher, well then it's literally found money. 


Three new players on the NHL Covid list: Kyle Turris, Erik Haula, and Marcus Sorensen. You didn't have Dobber on Monday reminding you of his theory that the NHL will see the majority of their Covid cases in the first third of the season – the thinking is that once players see how tight they need to be, they will clean up their act and the cases will dwindle. These are the first new players added to the list in a few days, so keep a sharp eye on the Twittersphere to keep on top of any rescheduling. 

On the flip side, Tomas Hertl looks set to return to the Sharks' lineup on Friday. 


The Midseason Guide is scheduled to be released at the end of the week – likely late afternoon on March 12. You can pre-order now and it will be available for download when it’s released. If you're n