Capped: Deadline targets for the blue line

Logan Doyle


Following the theme of last week, we're going to continue to look at some trade deadline targets. This week we'll focus on defencemen and goalies.

You may have noticed a trend with my selections last week. First, I like to nibble on the edges of my rosters and add to my core rather than always shake things up. Second: buy low, buy low, buy low. Find underperforming players that have upside and solid history that increases their potential to revert to career norms by seasons end. It will save you assets in the long run.

So let's dive right in.

Tyson Barrie – Edmonton Oilers ($3.75M) – It is hard to believe a 55-point, 82-game pace defenceman could be overshadowed, but he is. Darnell Nurse is stealing the spotlight in Edmonton. If you're looking for a point producing defenceman though, Barrie fits the bill. Somehow, I think fans and fantasy poolies expected more from Barrie than this. After the debacle in Toronto (that would make a good headline somewhere) last year, a return to Colorado level scoring should be rejoiced and welcomed with open arms..  He's also pointless in his last four games and with Darnell Nurse getting first-unit power play dibs owners aren't quite so attached to Barrie.

In points pools he might be the cheapest 50-point defenceman around to acquire. In multi-cat pools, you would need to be desperately in need of a point producing defenceman to target Barrie because he's going to leave your hits and blocks categories barren. If your league gives bonus scoring to defencemen, then Barrie becomes more attractive.

I seem to be throwing out a lot of warnings on Barrie and you're kind of right. Some will see these signs as warnings signs and want to stay away. Myself, I see these signs as potential to scoop a player a bit cheaper than I should be able to.  It wouldn't take much for that 55-point pace to turn into a 65-point pace. At $3.75M he is producing more than what you need to justify rostering this contract. His next deal is going to be interesting, but I'll save that discussion for a later date.

To be blunt, Barrie is a peripheral wasteland. You have been warned. You own him for points and only points in all formats. He's on a one-year deal and no signs yet Edmonton will re-sign him. All this leads to the potential of being able to acquire Barrie at a reasonable price.

MacKenzie Weegar – Florida Panthers ($3.2M) – With 11 points in 24 games he's not the next coming of Erik Karlsson but it's more points than Shea Weber. Yet, if you're in a 12-team league that sta