Fantasy Hockey Poll: Projecting Top Scorers of the 2020s

Rick Roos


Recently I decided to check out who were the top scorers of the last decade, i.e., 2010-11 through 2019-20. The thing I found most interesting is each of the top 24 was active for all ten years of the decade, with #25 (Nikita Kucherov) being the highest ranked player to have played in fewer than all ten campaigns. Moreover, 18 of the top 20 were between the ages of 20 and 25 in 2010-11, with only one (Tyler Seguin) being younger than 20 and only one (Joe Pavelski) being older than 25. Accordingly, virtually all the top 20 scorers for this decade (i.e., the 2020-21 season through the 2029-30 season) are most likely already in the NHL now and are age 20-25. Who might those players be? Time for your votes to decide!

I'm going to list 20 the players whom I think have the best chance to finish the 2020s with the highest cumulative point total. Keeping with how things turned out last decade, I'll restrict the choices to those for whom this is their age 20 to 25 season. Yes, I realize that might miss some outliers as happened last decade; but this way I'll keep the list manageable and limit it to the players who'll have the best chance, in fact, to finish in the top 20. Your task will be to vote for the ten you think will end this decade with the most total points. Make sure you really think about your votes, as other factors will be involved beyond just what ages these players are now, including how often they tend to get hurt, the team(s) for which they figure to play, etc.

Below are the 20 voting choices, in alphabetical order. The link to cast your votes is at the end of the column. The toughest omissions were Drake BathersonOliver BjorkstrandBrock Boeser, Kevin Fiala, Kirill KaprizovTravis KonecnyDylan LarkinNick Suzuki, and Matthew Tkachuk. I also gave consideration to including Cale Makar or