Ramblings: NHL officiating; updates on Frost and Dobson; Josi, Heiskanen, and Kubalik – March 25

Michael Clifford


The big news from Wednesday was that referee Tim Peel will not be officiating any more NHL games. This comes on the heels of Peel being mic'd up in a game and explaining he's not actually calling penalties, but more managing the game, as it were. That led to this:  

That Peel admitted to this is not a surprise. Not only is it what NHL players want (I have a Twitter thread with a few players expressing support for this style of officiating), but with no public accountability mechanism, there is no desire for anything to change. If the referees can't be held accountable in any real manner other than being blatantly caught on microphone, and the players want the games called this way, why would they be called any other way? Mind you, referees not calling actual infractions in an attempt to not decide the game is, in fact, deciding the game, but for some reason thousands of hockey fans can't wrap their head around this concept.

It is engrained in hockey culture and won't change anytime soon. We can keep making fun of the refs but hoping for actual, substantive change is a pipe dream.


An update on Noah Dobson