The Journey: Prospect Goaltenders – Playoff Worthy or Not?

Dave Hall


Welcome back to The Journey.

Here we are, just weeks away from the fantasy playoff season. This means that you are likely spending the weekend tinkering with your rosters and sifting through the market to sell your soul and go for a deep run. Of course, this means that you will be taking a good look at the most important position of them all, goaltending. 

With the condensed season and of course Covid playing huge roles on every team, fantasy goaltenders have been a roller coaster this season. With such inconsistency in scores, a year like this brings out a few different types of GMs. 

First, you have those such as myself. In my "main" league, I have decided to run with the one-goalie system. Granted, my one happens to be Andrei Vasilevskiy, but I remain firm on saving myself from the headache of additional blowouts. I sit right on the bubble but currently fall outside of a playoff spot. 

Second, you have GMs like Ian Gooding. Or, in other words, "a goalie hoarder", taking all the good options and storing them away:

Both are fine options, but obviously, Ian's route is likely more lucrative in the long run. This gives him a vast number of options come trade deadline. If he is a seller, he has the ultimate value platter in order to gain future assets, and if not, carries a number of strong goaltenders for his run. In fact, with this many, he can comfortably enjoy the benefits to both sides by selling one or two and still compete. Nice job.

Regardless, it is imperative that you solidify your situation between the pipes if you are looking to go the distance in fantasy. Luckily, for my sake as a writer, there has been a long list of rookie goalies worthy of a look this season. Some of which may just be strong enough to help you take it down. 

Here are my thoughts on a few of those, along with their remaining opponents to assist in your decisions.