Ramblings: Updates on Eichel and Pietrangelo; Dach and Ekblad; Tolvanen – March 30

Michael Clifford


Not a significant update on the Jack Eichel end of things, but the Sabres still seem optimistic that he'll return before the end of the season. Not that it'd change anything with regards to their fortunes this season, but seeing a player of that level of importance healthy on the ice can be a nice little boost for a fanbase that surely needs it.


Hey a quick Alex Pietrangelo update:

That he's even skating with scratches right now is a good sign. There is no official word from the team but from my experience, once a player gets to this point, it won't be long until he's back in.


A fairly important caveat to Canadian provinces cutting the 14-day quarantine to seven days as it pertains to Montreal, specifically:

For the non-French readers,