Ramblings: Stars updates; Connolly traded; Kreider’s season; Brady’s value – April 9

Michael Clifford


If it wasn't the COVID pause that has really stalled out their season, it could be the injuries that have started to pile up for the Stars that may have done them in. There is hope on the horizon for some of their key players, though:

That these guys are skating is a good sign, just don't expect them back in the lineup ASAP.


We have some brand new Flames lines:

I am eminently excited to see Gaudreau play alongside Tkachuk. This has been two bad years in a row for Gaudreau, and it would be nice to see a turnaround from him over the last month of the season.


News out of Vancouver that isn’t COVID-related:

This seems like a standard Canucks contract. Too much money and term for a replaceable player. Not that Pearson is bad, but there’s a flat cap and Pettersson/Hughes to sign. They also have some good prospects coming. Anyway, as long as he gets top-6 minutes he could have fantasy value, though at this point we’re probably looking at 2021-22.


For details on the Brett Connolly trade from yesterday, click