Saturday’s Game Picks: Leafs/Habs Lock Horns With Playoff Series Looming

Flip Livingstone


When you're hot, you're hot, right? The past two weeks have been all I could ask for when it comes to predicting games and making picks, as an 11-1 overall record over the last 14 days has my 2021 tally sitting at a respectable 37-29. See below for the total Gold, Silver, Bronze breakdown, but either way you slice it, wins are wins and I'm feeling another profitable week.

I hope you've also been putting a little extra loot in your pocket, too, so be sure you are following along @Flip_Picks on Twitter for all your Saturday picks needs. As I mentioned last week when discussing this stretch of schedule, the unpredictability that the looming postseason brings can make for some very dodgy wagering situations. With all but two playoff spots already clinched most teams don't have anything to play for other than potentially relishing in the spoiler role.

However, with a little extra research and some advice from your boy, you will have everything you need to conquer the last full betting Saturday of the NHL campaign. Let's keep it simple and let's keep winning, shall we? Good luck.


2021 record:

Gold: 6-5

Silver: 8-3
Bronze: 6-5

Side bets: 17-16

Overall: 37-29


Gold Pick
Philadelphia Flyers @ Washington Capitals (Over/Under 6.5) – Pick: Over

I'm pretty sure every single Over bet that I've won this year has included the Philadelphia Flyers. Whether it be their ragtag blue-line, tendency to score and allow goals in bunches, or the goalie graveyard they've been building over the past 25 years, I just love betting on Overs when this Philly team takes the ice – especially when they face off against the second-highest scoring team in the NHL.

Washington's offensively-balanced lineup going up against the Swiss cheese-like backend the Flyers employ has me feeling extremely comfortable laying a nice bet on the Over here. The Caps are very much for real and have been successful this season scoring against Philly, totaling three goals or more in all seven 2021 meetings.

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