Ramblings – Kucherov, Pageau, Bobrovsky, padding the stats and more (May 17)



For the 14th time in 15 years (damn lockout), I am offering a playoff draft list for your playoff pools. This will be available for download Monday (so it may be available as you read this. It is an interactive list – you select your teams that go deep, run the rankings on the spreadsheet, and you get your draft list. So you can print off a couple of scenarios. I'll also include my own list, in case you don't want to do the work. You'll need excel and you'll need macros to be allowed. You can run these on Google sheets, but the macros won't work – you'll have to sort it manually (not a huge deal, you just miss out on the cool gimmick). Pick it up here.

Those of you who subscribed to DobberHockey's guides (thank you) you may have noticed these charges went through yesterday. Subscriptions will process May 15. This is our first time offering subscriptions so naturally this is the one year where the regular season is actually still going on May 15. Just to confuse our wonderful new subscribers. Rest assured, if I have to go in manually and add it (I shouldn't have to, but just saying) – if your subscription processed on May 15, you will get everything you paid for when they come out. Sorry for any confusion.


The Islanders are my backup playoff team. While I run scenarios in my playoff draft list that favor Toronto, Vegas and Colorado (as everyone does), the Islanders are that team that I go with at the end of the draft. The perfect end-of-draft team. Because nobody takes Islanders and yet at the same time they are the type of coached team that can steal a couple of rounds. So in a 12-round draft, I'd probably grab one in the eighth, 10th and 12th rounds.

The hard-working, team-defense style coaching systems tend to get teams into the second round and perhaps even the third round. For the purpose of this season's unique setup, the Islanders, Wild and Hurricanes are each good ones to grab under my scenario above. Carolina in particular, because they have a few offensive studs that can take them to the third round or even all the way. So those players are probably not going to slip. But Islanders and Wild players almost certainly will.

I'd once again recommend Anthony Beauvillier. Maybe even over Mathew Barzal. Beauvillier has points in eight straight games. He has 23 points in his last 26 games, including a beauty assist on Sunday. That leads the Islanders in that span (which goes back to March 20