The Journey: Mock Draft (Part 1) – Picks 1-5

Dave Hall


Welcome Back to The Journey

I mentioned in my last piece how exciting the next few weeks were with regards to hockey events. You can officially cross "Draft Lottery" off that list. Not only because it has now passed us by, but because it was everything but exciting. The buildup lasted weeks, only for it to be over in just a few swift moments and with nothing but a single swap occurring. That swap being Seattle (was third) and Anaheim (was second). Very anticlimactic. 

Regardless, the draft order is set, and we can now focus on the draft itself. As I am sure you have heard from various avenues, this year’s draft will likely be full of twists and turns. With no true consensus, for any spot really, you will see a vast variety of top-10's, 20's, and further. Basically, just close your eyes and shoot. 

Even with that said, I do believe that there are players which are best suited for specific clubs. Personally, I have always been very high on drafting for organizational needs, rather than the best available. Therefore, as I did last year, I have formulated a top-10 list based on the players who I feel would complement the organization’s specific needs first, and the best player available second. 

Before you dive ahead, just remember, there will likely be a player or placement with which you disagree, question, or perhaps even agree with my point of view. I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback. 

Find me on Twitter @hall1289 and let's chat 2021 Draft. Enjoy. 

Pick #1: Buffalo Sabres

Draft Pick: Owen Power, LHD

Rumors continue to spike concerning the shipment of Jack Eichel, which, if true, I believe that the Sabres go in a completely different direction with this pick. However, with their captain, and number one center still very much in the picture, I am taking their roster at face value.

For most, it's widely considered that Owen Power is the No.1 ranked name in this draft. While I do not necessarily agree with the "consensus" of this claim, I generally side that the club will, in fact, call out the towering defender's names at this year’s podium. 

To define towering, I am alluding to his 6-foot-5, 214-pound frame. To make him even more of an appeal, he somehow manages to navigate himself around the ice quite swiftly, especially once he gets his feet moving. To quote a comparable from DobberProspects former Managing Editor and well-known prospect guru, Cam Robinson, think Bowser in Mario Kart.

As you could imagine with a specimen of such stature, his stick is an added benefit to his defensive game. Given his reach, he can be a nuisance to maneuver around